Problems Needing Attention In Anti Insect Net Mulching Cultivation

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Problems Needing Attention In Anti Insect Net Mulching Cultivation

1. Choose the insect protection net rationally, select the insect net, consider the mesh number, color and width of the gauze. If the mesh number is too small, the mesh is too large, it will not have the due insect control effect; and if the number is too large, mesh is too small, although it can prevent insects, but poor ventilation, resulting in high temperature, shading too much, is not conducive to crop growth. Generally, 22~24 purpose insect nets should be selected. In spring and autumn season, compared with summer, the temperature is lower and the light is weaker, the white insect-proof net should be selected; in summer, the black or silver-gray insect-proof net should be selected to take into account the shading and cooling; in areas where aphids and viral diseases occur seriously, the silver-gray insect-proof net should be selected to avoid aphids and prevent viral diseases.

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2. The seeds, soil, plastic shed or greenhouse skeleton and shelf materials treated with insecticide may carry pests and eggs. The seeds, soil, shelter skeleton and scaffold must be treated with insecticide after covered with insect proof net and before planting vegetables. This is the key link to ensure the cultivation effect of insect-proof net. ,

3. To ensure the quality of coverage, insect-proof nets should be completely enclosed, compacted with soil around, and fixed firmly with film-pressing lines; doors in and out of large, medium greenhouses and greenhouses must be installed with insect-proof nets, and pay attention to be closed immediately when entering and leaving. The height of the shelf should be obviously higher than that of the crop, so as to avoid the vegetable leaves clinging to the shelter so as to prevent the pests from feeding or laying eggs on the vegetable leaves outside the net. The anti insect net used for closing the air outlet can not leave a gap between the transparent cover and the insect-proof net, so as to avoid leaving the access channel for the insect pests. Check and repair holes and gaps in insect protection network at any time.

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