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Plastic Net Packaging

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Plastic Net Packaging

Plastic flat mesh is also known as all-round plastic mesh widely used, plastic flat mesh packaging can be ivided into two kinds.

1. fiber wrapping

2. plastic film packaging 

On the use of different packaging is not the same. Customers who have just worked in this field do not know how to choose packaging.

anti bird net

Fiber wrapping is comparable to strong and wear-resistant, usually used in a remote transit station through the ability to arrive at the destination of customers, and then the quality is not very good black plastic net due to the tensile force of such mesh, flexibility is not good simple in the loading and unloading process tear fiber wrapping packaging will play a good maintenance effect.

Plastic film packaging beautiful, beautiful packaging in white plastic flat mesh can play a very good waterproof and dust-proof effect, the defect is simply torn in the process of re-loading and unloading. Special standard plastic flat net will be packed according to customer needs. The right selection of packaging can provide the best maintenance for the product.

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