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Need different products, but it really wate time to find supplier one by one?

Hefei grand nets, your last stop !

As you can find anything what you need here.

Here we go !

>> olive net (Triangle)

material:100%virgin HDPE+ uv treated

weight: 80gsm 85gsm 90gsm

roll size:4x100m  4/5/6/8x50m

piece size:4x8m,5x10m,6x12m,6x6m,8x8m,10x10m,12x12m

net detail

olive net


olive 1

net producing

olive net3olive net4

Piece packaging way: each piece into a poly bag, then several pcs bale packed

olive net6olive net5

roll packaging way: each roll into a poly bag with paer tube

olive net7

>>Olive net (square)

material:100%virgin HDPE+ uv treated

weight: 30gsm 31gsm 33gsm

roll size: 4x250m  5x200m,6x167m

piece size: 6x6m,8x8m

olive net9olive net8olive net10

>> olive net (round shape)

material:100%virgin HDPE+ uv treated

weight: 56gsm

roll size:6x50m

piece size:6x6m,8x8m,10x10m,12x12m

color:dark brown

olive net12olive net14olive net15olive net11olive net13

>>shade net

material:100%virgin HDPE+ uv treated

weight:80gsm, 85gsm


3 needles, tape+tape, dark gree

olive net16olive net17olive net18

>>scaffolding net/construction net

material:100%virgin HDPE+ uv treated

weight: 60gsm , 70gsm

size:1.8x50m 1.9x25m,2x100m

olive net20olive net19

>>Anti bird net

material:100%virgin HDPE

extruded type

weight: 7gsm

size:2x10m  4x10m

bird net1bird net3bird net2

we can meet your different demand, but with competitive price,choose us , save your time and your wallet, why not ?

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Sugrand is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction plastic nets in China. sugrand has advanced technology and intellectual property. sugrand agricultural plastic nets account for more than 20% of the global market.

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