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PE Garden Weed Mat Agriculture Plastic Mulch Film

Mulch films are used to modify soil temperature, limit weed growth, prevent moisture loss, and improve crop yield as well as precocity. To secure crop yield, mulch films need to be durable.
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PE Garden Weed Mat Agriculture Plastic Mulch Film

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Product Description

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Black plastic mulch layer are the most preferred ones because of its high performance in weed control. While white colored mulch films is used to keep the soil temperature low in excessively high temperature regions, the silver/black plastic mulch film is used in Summer high temperature pest -prone areas and for melons , vegetables and other crops. In addition to these colors, for specific applications red and blue colors are used to improve the plant development.

Benefits and Features

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Black plastic sheeting packaged on a continuous roll that is 0.004 in thickness

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Perfect as a tarp to cover & protect skids, pallets, lumber, equipment, machinery, construction materials, boats, vehicles 

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Product Agricultural Plastic mulch film
Material 100% Virgin LDPE with UV protection
Color transparent/black/silver
Width 0.5m-5m
Thickness 10mic-60mic
Length 50m,100m,150m ,200m,300m,400m, 500m,1000m, 2000m, etc
Package Roll packing
MOQ 3 tons
Production capability 500 tons/month

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PE Garden Weed Mat Agriculture Plastic Mulch Film
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