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New product 75gsm white/black anti bird net

New HDPE 75gsm catching birds net online
  • BN-WBL75

New Product 75GSM White/Black Anti Bird Net

Bird Netting Systems from Grandnets are an effective and humane form of bird exclusion. Bird netting can be used to protect all types of objects, openings and structures.

Perfect for architectural, industrial, aqua-cultural and agricultural bird exclusion jobs. Grandnets offers seven different types of bird netting along with installation accessories, tools and hardware.

Grandnets offers an extensive line of netting products for an endless number of applications. If you're not sure what net to choose, call us for expert advice on the best netting for your application.

Need help with your bird netting project? Call Grandnets's planning department with your project details and let us help you lay out your bird netting plan. We will help you calculate netting and hardware quantities and offer advice for proper installations.

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New product 75gsm white/black anti bird net
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