Matters Needing Attention in Construction Safety Net
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Matters Needing Attention in Construction Safety Net

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Matters Needing Attention in Construction Safety Net

Now the speed of economic development is very fast, people's living standards have been greatly improved, more and more buildings in life, so do you have some understanding of construction? Many higher buildings need to build a construction safety net, which is very important and indispensable. In the construction safety net, we should pay attention to the method, there are some matters needing attention. Now let's know the precautions for building safety net.

Matters needing attention in building safety net

1. When installing, the side rope should be close to the support at each tie-in point. The tie-in point should conform to the criteria of easy tie-in, strong connection, simple tie-in, and not free and easy after loading.

1.2kg construction net (4)

2. When connecting multiple nets, some of the adjacent ones should be close or stacked. Like the raw materials of building safety nets, the connecting ropes should be installed strictly in accordance with the operating rules, which should be in line with the load height, the width of the network and the buffer distance.

3. When building safety net installations, the plane of the installations should be straight with the horizontal plane. In order to ensure uniform stress, garbage in the network should be regularly sorted out, and there should be no accumulations in the network. After installations, the installations should be checked and the qualified ones can be used.

4. The building safety net should be ventilated, shaded, insulated and prevented from the invasion of chemicals in the process of storage and transportation. The hook should not be used in the transfer of the bag building safety net.

The precautions mentioned above are to install the building safety net. During the construction, the building safety net should be installed. However, only the correct installation can meet the standard. This is not sloppy, so the installation needs detailed understanding and corresponding training. At the same time, we also need to ensure the quality of the building safety net. If you are not sure about the quality of the building safety net, you can choose our factory or consult with us.

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