Machine Production Equipment For Shade Net
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Machine Production Equipment For Shade Net

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Machine Production Equipment For Shade Net

Shading net machine production equipment is mainly composed of needle bed, comb bar, sinker bed, pressing plate and pulling coiler. The functions of each part are as follows:

1. Needle bed: generally driven by cam or eccentric connecting rod. Cams are often used in warp knitting machines with low speed and complex motion rules of looping parts. Eccentric connecting rod is widely used in high-speed warp knitting machine because of its smooth transmission, easy processing, low wear and noise during high-speed operation.

2. Comb bars: In the process of looping, according to the requirements of knitted fabric organization, the warp yarn is padded on the needle, so as to weave knitted fabric with a certain organizational structure. Usually there are two types: the pattern and the cam.

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3. The warp let-off mechanism takes the warp yarn off the warp shaft and feeds it into the knitting area. There are two types: negative and positive. In the passive mechanism, the warp shaft sends out the warp yarn for the tension pulling of the warp yarn. It does not need a special warp shaft transmission device. It is suitable for the warp knitting machine with low speed and complicated warp let-off law. Active let-off mechanism uses special transmission device to rotate the warp shaft to send out warp yarn, which is different from tension induction and linear speed induction.

4. Settler bed and pressing plate: Tension induction mechanism controls the speed of warp axis by inducing warp tension by tension bar. The linear speed induction mechanism controls the speed of the warp shaft by inducing the speed of the warp yarn through the speed measuring device.

5. Drawing coiler: Draw the fabric out of the knitting area at a predetermined speed and wind it into coils.

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