Key Points of Construction of Building Safety Net
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Key Points of Construction of Building Safety Net

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Key Points of Construction of Building Safety Net

We all know that in order to ensure the safety of construction, safety net is usually built on the periphery of construction. The quality of safety nets is related to their welding. So welders need to have certain professional skills. Today we will look at how to weld the building safety net and what problems should be paid attention to in the construction of protective fence. 

Building safety net is indispensable for the protection of construction site. It can also be called steel-plastic geogrid with net. Safety nets must be attached below the working parts at high altitudes; when the height of a building exceeds 4m, a safety net must be set up gradually along with the wall, and then a fixed safety net should be set every 4m; safety nets must be set up at the outer rack, bridge rack, top and bottom holes. Safety net manufacturer introduces that the erection of building safety net should be low inside and high outside, and the difference of expenditure is generally about 50cm; the supporting rods are not broken or bent; the safety net should be complete and effective, the support is reasonable, the stress is even, and there should be no sundries in the net.

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When the concrete floor, roof and wall are fixed, the embedded parts can be welded firmly with steel pipe or steel bar. When bamboo and wooden railings are used, 30 cm long L50-5 angle steel can be welded on the embedded parts, drilled one hole on each side, and then fastened with lOmm bolts to the bamboo and wooden poles. 3. When fixed on masonry such as bricks or blocks, 806 bending flat steel with appropriate specifications can be pre-built as concrete blocks with embedded iron, and then fixed by the above-mentioned method. The integral structure of the balustrade should enable the balustrade to withstand 1000N external force in any direction and be fixed and connected with the cross bar.

Through the introduction of the article, we know the main points of the welding of the building safety net, so we know how to weld the safety net, uniform stress, reasonable support is necessary. 

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