Inspection and Correct Hanging Method of Construction Safety Net
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Inspection and Correct Hanging Method of Construction Safety Net

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Inspection and Correct Hanging Method of Construction Safety Net

Generally, we can see in the construction site, the sign of safe construction, in the construction of a good grasp of the quality of production and safety production are very important. At this point, the building safety net will come into use, today we will look at the use of the building safety net before the inspection work, as well as to see the correct way to hang the safety net is what it is!

Before use, we should check whether there is corrosion and damage in the safety net. During construction, we must ensure that the safety net is complete and effective, support is reasonable, the force is uniform, and no debris can be found in the network. The overlap should be tight and reliable, there should be no cracks, the safety net should be built, and the safety net should not be dismantled or damaged during the construction. It can only be dismantled when there is no working height.

construction safety net

When the safety net has been erected is temporarily dismantled due to construction needs, the construction unit must notify and seek the consent of the erecting unit before it can be dismantled. At the end of the construction, it must be restored by the construction unit according to the stipulations immediately, and can be used only after the construction unit has passed the inspection.

The construction safety net is divided into two types vertically and horizontally according to the suspension mode. 1. Vertical setting of vertical scaffolding for high-rise building construction, outside full of safety net enclosure, generally using fine nylon rope woven safety net. The safety net should be strictly sealed and firmly attached to the outer scaffold. 2. Horizontal safety net is mostly used for external scaffolding of multi-storey building construction. It is woven with 9 mm diameter hemp rope, Brown rope or nylon rope. The general specification is 3 m wide, 6 m long and the mesh is about 5 cm. Each good safety net should be able to withstand not less than 1600 N.

This paper mainly introduces the specific points of building safety net inspection before use, which has an impact on its long-term use. There are two ways to hang the building safety net have a certain understanding, we can choose the appropriate hanging method according to the actual production situation.

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