Improve The Flatness Of The Net Bag

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Improve The Flatness Of The Net Bag

With the continuous improvement and development of social level and production technology, net bags have been widely used in daily life. At the same time, the flatness requirements of the net bags are still very high, so manufacturers need to improve equipment and technology to improve the flatness of the net bags.

By replacing the traction gear of the drawing machine with a speed ratio, the tension speed of the flat wire can be increased. Technically speaking, the temperature of the oven can increase the trek, and the tension of the flat wire can be increased after the drawing process is set at a constant temperature. It is also necessary to increase the diameter of the jumper spring of the circular loom to improve the elasticity of the loom. The spring is evenly woven from cylinders. When the cam is changed, the pressure in the direction of the cam and the four combs is stable, and the forces on the warp and weft are balanced, and no twisting is formed. The pick-up and speed governor should be synchronized with the speed of the wire drawing machine to achieve the speed balance of the shaftless coil.

Another point is to increase the number of teeth of the torque motor gear and the number of teeth of the torque motor gear of the collector, increase the tension of the coil, keep the warp and the cloth in balance, and make the coil axis smoothly tightened.

The above is the editor for you to organize related consultations on improving the flatness of the net bag. Through this content sharing, everyone has a certain understanding of improving the flatness of the net bag. If you want to know more about the net bag For market information, you can contact our company’s salesperson, or go to the net bag experts to visit and discuss exchanges together.

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