How to Use Shade Net in Winter?
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How to Use Shade Net in Winter?

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How to Use Shade Net in Winter?

Generally in summer, the use of shade net can play a role of covering, but also can play a role of light, rain, cooling. After covering in winter and spring, it also has the function of heat preservation and humidification. Generally, leaf vegetables planted in winter and spring cover the surface of leaf vegetables directly with shading net to prevent low temperature damage. Because of its light weight, it is only about 45 grams per square meter, and it will not overwhelm, bend and reduce the commerciality of the already grown leaf vegetables. 

Because of its air permeability, the leaf surface is still dry after covering, which reduces the occurrence of diseases. It also has light transmittance, and will not "muffle the yellow and muffle the rotten" after covering. The celery leaves in vegetable garden were covered with floating surface in winter greenhouse to protect them from cold. 

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The results showed that the celery leaves were not covered with floating surface of greenhouse shade net at - 6 C, while the celery leaves in single-layer greenhouse, especially the upper and middle leaves, were frozen and hard, and the temperature of the covered people was 1.5 C higher than that of the control.

In order to meet different needs, shade net manufacturers need to consider from many aspects in the production of such products. Moreover, the quality and model of products should be paid special attention to. Different products need to be produced according to different situations in order to meet the needs of the market.

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