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How to Use Shade Net in Greenhouse?
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How to Use Shade Net in Greenhouse?

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How to Use Shade Net in Greenhouse?

Generally in summer when the role of the shade net is relatively large, and summer greenhouses are more, there are many farmers like to use the shade net in the greenhouse, when using it is very particular. This article wants to tell you how to use the shading net in the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse, when removing the surrounding skirt film and retaining the top film, a covering form of shading net is covered outside the top film of the greenhouse. It is mainly used for the delayed cultivation of summer vegetables, the cultivation of fast-growing leafy vegetables in summer, and the cultivation of autumn vegetables. In summer and autumn, shading net should be buckled on the surface of plastic film before it can achieve better cooling effect. Single layer or multi-layer coverage can be made according to the requirements of different seasons and crops. When the greenhouse shade net covers the exterio, the gap between the sides of the shed is not more than 1 meters. If the aphid is considered, the net on both sides of the shed can be covered to the surface and fixed with a pressing line.

shade net

In order to facilitate the lifting of the cover, the net can be secured and tied on both sides of the scaffold. Covering in the greenhouse: that is to say, the shading net is covered on the pre-fixed flat frame wire in the greenhouse, the wire is fixed outside the waist and shoulder of the greenhouse, one side of the agriculture shade net is fixed, the other side is movable, and the net is opened and covered with the change of light intensity. Generally used in plastic and plastic shed in winter and spring season, the antifreeze effect is better.

Although the use of sunshade net is quite simple, but also in the use of the process in accordance with the correct method to operate, otherwise it will not be able to show its role. 

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