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How to Use Shade Net Correctly?
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How to Use Shade Net Correctly?

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How to Use Shade Net Correctly?

Speaking of shading net, you should be familiar with it, especially in hot summer, you can see shading net everywhere in the street. But do you really know how to use it correctly? Shade net manufacturers to tell you.

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As the name implies, one of the functions of shading net is to shade, that is, to shield strong sunshine in hot summer, to provide shade for people, but also to prevent crops, plants, aquatic animals and other growth hindered by water shortage. The shade net manufacturers's net material color and needle number are different, and the shading rate is also different. Friends who do not know need to ask the manufacturer's staff in advance, and choose the appropriate shading rate according to their own use needs. Dark mesh has higher shading rate and better cooling effect.

The material of shading net is soft. For the summer season, which is prone to sudden extreme weather, it is a good choice to install shading net for crops in the field. Sunshade net manufacturer's mesh can effectively withstand the rainstorm attacks on crops, reduce soil erosion, and prevent the loss of production caused by rapid temperature rise.

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