How to Set Up Anti Bird Net in Orchards
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How to Set Up Anti Bird Net in Orchards

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How to Set Up Anti Bird Net in Orchards

The height of the orchard should be based on the height of the fruit trees. Pillars must exceed the height of fruit trees by more than 1.5 meters. If the pillars are not high enough, brackets can be added to the top of the pillars, requiring a height of 1.5 meters. Prevent the damage of the net caused by the growth of crops and strong wind, reduce the loss of farmers and increase the life of the anti bird net.

The area of the orchard is the same as that of the 50-meter-x-18-meter plot. The steel pipe support is set up every five to six meters in the horizontal and vertical direction. The bottom of the orchard is irrigated with cement, and the depth of the irrigated cement is about 50 centimeters. Then fixed on the ground, so as to ensure the stability of the column. Agriculture bird net is to connect wire horizontally and longitudinally into a grid one by one. After fixing both ends of the wire, it is necessary to tighten the wire with a tightener and then fix it. The next step is to set up the net. According to the same process of vineyard erection, the mesh line is crossed. Then put the mesh on the shelf and fix the two sides of the mesh line. Because the fruit trees are higher, so we should use longer things to pull the net. In the process of pulling the net, we should pay attention not to pull it too fast. It is also carried out according to the criteria of center first and then both sides. After the skyscraper is erected, it is necessary to select a highly suitable side net and erect four elevations in the same way as the grape.


In order to make the anti-bird net play a better anti-bird effect, we should also pay attention to the protection of the bird net. Now let's talk about the protection of the anti-bird net. The protection of bird-proof nets should be inspected periodically for the use of bird-proof nets. Look at the grape branches coming out of the net here, you should cut off the grape branches in time to prevent the net from being broken. Because of the wind, sunshine, hail and rainwater attack, the simple hole in the bird net needs to be repaired in time. When repairing, it can be repaired by knotting the fishnet line. Next, we should pay attention to check if there are any birds that accidentally fall into the anti-bird network. If there are birds, we should arrange them in time so as to avoid the decay of the dead bodies of birds and affect the service life of the net. Now let's talk about the erection and protection of bird-proof nets. Fruit farmers'friends can use them according to their own conditions. May fruitful fruits come to fruitful homes of fruit farmers' friends.

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