How to Repair Damaged Shade Net?
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How to Repair Damaged Shade Net?

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How to Repair Damaged Shade Net?

Today, I'd like to give you a brief introduction on how to repair the damaged shade net.

shade net

When mending the shade net, first mend the outside of the bottom of the net, paste the fabric had better not coated PU one-sided outside, more wear-resistant. Spread glue evenly, especially on the edge of a circle, to be coated, and then paste it, paste it after not reassured you can be at the seam of another coat, safe. It should be noted that the glue dries very fast, it will dry out in 10 seconds, so the glue must be very fast, turn over to see the inside of the shade net, pasted well.

The repair of shade net can also use transparent tape can also be repaired, will be damaged sun screen repair can greatly save our use costs.

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