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How to Prevent The Plant Disease?
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How to Prevent The Plant Disease?

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Some people believe that as long as they take some diseased corn leaves and puts them on the seat of a truck or a dashboard and cooks them in 120-degree-Fahrenheit heat for a few days, they've essentially sterilized it, however they may still be able to see the symptomology of the infection but not isolate the pathogen. Foliar diseases are racing through many corn and soybean fields this month without anti insect net, and the samples are starting to wing their way to diagnostic labs around the country. Here are some tips to make sure yours survive the journey.

When a plant dies, many other pathogens are waiting there, ready to invade and it becomes impossible to tell which one caused death. To preserve your sample, keep it as dry as possible. "Plastic baggies are not always your friend. The plastic can trap heat and moisture, so if you're using one, add a dry paper towel to the bag.

anti insect net

Getting small snippets of diseased leaves or just a few affected corn kernels is not idea. As well as plant support net tissue with a range of symptoms, from mild to severe. For example, it's best to send entire ears of corn when you suspect ear rots. While you're at it, consider sending an entire plant, Bissonnette said. Maybe it's the wilted leaf you're worried about, but it could be a root rot causing the problem.

If you're trained in disease symptomology, then you can probably get away with sending in fewer parts such as ground cover, but otherwise, your best bet is to send a whole plant, particularly for field crops, where you can easily spare one whole plant. If you specifically want roots analyzed, it helps to send an intact root ball, soil and all. They suggest that use Styrofoam cups to hold the sample. Even just a bag wrapped around the roots and soil and secured at the stem will work.

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