How To Preserve The Tarpaulin Service Life Will Be Longer ?
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How To Preserve The Tarpaulin Service Life Will Be Longer ?

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How To Preserve The Tarpaulin Service Life Will Be Longer ?

Because of the durable characteristics of tarpaulin, making it in various industries are widely used. In fact, after the use of tarpaulin, well preserved, the next time you can continue to use oh, then how to do a good job of preserving the tarpaulin? I summarized the following points.

First of all, is to do a good job of tarp folding and packing, the specific methods are as follows.

1、First of all, the front of the tarp up flat spread, remember to leave the two end rope (D type for the corner rope), and then the length of the two sides of the direction of the tarp folded to the longitudinal line of the tarp.

2、Then divide the folded sides evenly into three parts, and fold them twice in a row toward the longitudinal center line.

3、Fold each side of the tarp in the width direction to the horizontal center line of the tarp, and then fold each side to the middle twice in a row (three times for D type), and then step firmly.

4、will be bundled with the reserved rope, both sides bundle cross, must be tightly bundled firmly, while the rope head to plug well, can not appear loose and rope buckle off, and shall not drag the bundled tarp.

5、folded well with, should be complete and clear to reveal the tarp on the small road emblem and tarp number, so that the next use. In fact, the purpose of tarp folding is to facilitate the handling of tarpaulins, safety, copy number, loading, inventory, stacking and storage.

After that, it is to pay attention to the storage location of the tarpaulin, the best place to store the tarpaulin is indoors, do not expose it to the outdoors, in addition to save space circulation, away from heat sources.

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