How To Cover Greenhouse With Anti Insect Net
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How To Cover Greenhouse With Anti Insect Net

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How To Cover Greenhouse With Anti Insect Net

Buying insect-proof net should pay attention to aperture. In vegetable production, 25 mesh to 40 mesh is suitable, with a width of 1 m to 1.8 M. Its effect is related to the mesh number of insect-proof nets. The number of meshes is the number of yarns and weft yarns in the 25.4 mm square. The more meshes, the better the effect of insect-proof nets, but too many meshes will affect the ventilation effect. The mesh number of insect-proof nets is an important index related to the performance of insect-proof. It should be selected according to the type of insect pest control during cultivation. In general, 25-40 mesh insect-proof nets are often used in vegetable production. When using insect-proof nets, attention must be paid to sealing, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the effect of insect-proof.

AIN-132W (6)

Coverage Form

In the front of the winter warm greenhouse and the ventilation skylight, it is better to install a 25-40 mesh insect net (because there are more insects in summer), as shown in the figure below, which is conducive to ventilation and insect-proof. In order to improve the effect of pest control, the following two points should be paid attention to:

1. Full growth period coverage. Insect-proof nets have less shading and need not cover day and night or front and back uncovering. They should cover the whole process and do not give pests an opportunity to invade, so as to achieve satisfactory insect-proof effect.

2. Soil disinfection. After harvesting in the previous crop, the residues and weeds of the previous crop were removed from the field in time, burned down centrally and sprayed with pesticides to sterilize and insect pesticides throughout the field.

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