How To Choose Reliable Fiberglass Screen Net Supplier?
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How To Choose Reliable Fiberglass Screen Net Supplier?

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1. Look at the qualifications:

First of all, we must choose a brand with operating years, brand strength, and industry influence to ensure timely product supply and quality assurance.

fiberglass screen net

2. Look at the product:

1). materials

The main raw materials of fiberglass screen net generally include fiberglass materials. When customers choose fiberglass screens, they generally only care about whether the fiberglass is a pure material. It should be known that the surface of glass fiber window screens are all plastic layers formed by solidification of electrostatic powder. We require that the anti-explosion, anti-sun, adhesion, color fastness and many other indicators of the powder-cured layer must meet the standards before it is considered qualified. Fiberglass screens.

2. processing

With good materials, the next step is the processing technology. Because the current electrostatic spraying line automation technology is not very high, it depends on the skills and experience of the workers to a large extent, which requires the operators to have a good product quality awareness.

3). price

Since the price of fiberglass screens is directly related to the price of materials on the market, the price performance of fiberglass screens is relatively stable at a certain stage. Generally, the price of high-quality glass fiber screens is higher than that of inferior fiberglass. The price of window screens is about 20% higher. Inferior fiberglass window screens usually use relatively low-component silk and low-end powder used in powder. This type of fiberglass window screen is not as good as high-quality fiberglass in terms of material, color, and service life. window screening. Therefore, customers should not underestimate the quality of the products when they buy fiberglass screens.

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