How To Choose Durable Nylon Fishing Net?
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How To Choose Durable Nylon Fishing Net?

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How To Choose Durable Nylon Fishing Net?

In the selection process, it is necessary not only to combine different functions, but also to pay attention to the applicable specifications of the fishing net and the size of the fishing net. The size of the fish net can be judged according to the size and specific purpose of the fish. Small fish are generally around 50cm around the net, which is what we often call the dip net. The fishing net is made of mosquito net gauze, generally 2.5-3.5mm mesh. The mesh handle is also very short. Generally, fish larger than 8cm will use a bigeye fishnet, with a mesh of 0.8~1cm and a mesh diameter of 55~100cm.

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Here are three tips to teach you three tricks. The specific method is as follows:


 See if there are many burrs on the fishnet frame, which can easily scratch the fish. The quality of the fish net can be judged from the sense. The fish net is the most commonly used tool in the breeding process after Bi Jing. The fish net that is easy to damage the fish must not be used, and the injured fish are susceptible to various bacteria.

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 Touch the frame of the fish net, whether it is hanging by hand, and whether the net material is soft. In this way, the quality of the frame and the net piece of the fish net is inspected. Very hard fish nets may become harder in the future. Such fish nets will generally have a short service life and cannot withstand the corrosion of various disinfectants.


 It is easy to see if the part of the net is pulled easily. If it is pulled gently, it means that the quality is not good: especially when fishing some fish that react with excitement, the net will break. Again, look at whether the handle of the fishing net is easy to bend. Some of them have better toughness, because when they are caught in the water, the water will be carried, and the weight will reach the direction that the tough handle is easy to learn and control, but it cannot be easily bent, just like a wire.

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