How To Choose A Shade Net ?
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How To Choose A Shade Net ?

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How To Choose A Shade Net ?

How To Choose A Shade Net ?

The main function of the shading net is to block strong light and reduce the temperature of the greenhouse.

However, if you choose an inappropriate shade net, it will not only cause the plants to grow leggy, but also be unfavorable for flowering and fruit setting.

Therefore, the sunshade net must be selected scientifically and reasonably.

Do not judge the pros and cons of shade nets by color :

The shade nets currently on the market are mainly black and silver-gray.

The black shade net has high shading rate and rapid cooling, and is suitable for short-term coverage of fields that require careful management in hot summer; the silver-gray shade net has a low shading rate and is suitable for light-loving vegetables and long-term coverage.

The quality of the sunshade net is not determined by the color, the color of the sunshade net is added in the process of raw material manufacturing. Therefore, different vegetables should choose different colors of shade nets.

For example, tomatoes are light-loving crops. As long as 11 to 13 hours of sunlight is met, the plant will grow robustly and bloom earlier. While the effect of light time on tomatoes is less important, light intensity is directly related to yield and quality. Insufficient light can easily lead to malnutrition of plants and reduced flowering.

The black shading net has a high shading rate of up to 70%. If the black shading cloth is used, the light intensity cannot meet the normal growth requirements of tomato, which is easy to cause leggy tomato and insufficient accumulation of photosynthetic products.

Most of the silver-gray shade nets have a shading rate of 40% to 45%, and a light transmittance of 40,000 to 50,000 lux, which can meet the normal growth needs of tomatoes. So tomatoes are best covered with silver-gray shade nets.

To distinguish which material the shade net is made of :

At present, there are two kinds of production materials for sunshade nets on the market, one is high-density polyethylene produced by petrochemical enterprises, and the other is made from recycled old sunshade nets or plastic products.

Sunshade nets produced with recycled materials not only have a low finish, feel hard, and often have a pungent odor, but also have a short service life, most of which can only be used for one year. The high-density polyethylene sunshade net is anti-aging and durable, and its service life can reach 4 years.

Be more careful when buying sunshade nets by weight :

Now there are two ways to sell shade nets on the market: one is by area, the other is by weight. When choosing, vegetable farmers should not rely on one method to buy, but should carefully compare, look at the material and see the density, so as to prevent illegal dealers from selling inferior "weight" sunshade nets.

Quality identification of shade net :

In general, for high-quality products, the surface of the product is required to be flat and smooth. When using it, the warp and weft are required to be clear and crisp, so that in the process of use, its performance can be fully exerted. It is required that this product has a good finish, has a bright texture, does not feel rough when used, and has a smooth and heavy feeling. Only products that meet these requirements will ensure the quality during use.

The above is an introduction to the relevant knowledge about the use of shade mesh. At the same time, we remind you that you must pay attention to choosing the correct covering method when using it, so as to ensure the effect and quality of the sunshade net.

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