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How Many Needles Used in Plant Shade Net?
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How Many Needles Used in Plant Shade Net?

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How Many Needles Used in Plant Shade Net?

In many places, summer high temperature 35 degrees, need to give the courtyard fleshy vegetation shade. The six stitches are relatively dense, and the three ones are relatively sparse. Another question: Is it better to shade the fleshy vegetation with three or six needles in the balcony glass, blue or black? The following sugrand aimed at "three needle sunshade nets good or six needle shading nets good" to answer, hope to adopt!

There are many types of shading net, different specifications, different colors of shading net, shading rate and cooling effect are different, different kinds of flowers, vegetables, light intensity requirements are different. Therefore, suitable shade net should be selected according to the type of vegetation and the intensity of light during the covering period.

shade net

Actually, the difference between the three-needle shading net and the six-needle shading net is the shading rate: the shading rate of the three-needle shading is about 60%, the shading rate of the six-needle shading is about 80%, depending on how much shading rate you need, you can choose your own shading net. Users can buy three needles sunscreen, may be sparse, the sun is really big, fold two layers, their own control, anyway, not heavy.

About color, sugrand wants to say, black, blue, dark color, high shading rate, fast cooling, suitable for summer, or need to be carefully managed short-term field coverage use; silver gray shade net suitable for sunny vegetation and full growth period coverage.

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