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How Does The Insect Net Used In Agriculture?
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How Does The Insect Net Used In Agriculture?

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How Does The Insect Net Used In Agriculture?

Anti-insect net has been more and more applied in agriculture, forestry and fruit industry. For example, some vegetable greenhouse anti-insect nets and fruit tree anti-insect nets have a huge market.

1. Anti-insect Effect Of Insect Net

Covered during the whole growth period of fruit trees, adult pests cannot fly. Fruit trees cultivated in summer can basically avoid various pests such as cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, cabbage armyworm, prodenia litura, yellow beetle, ape leaf insect, aphids, etc. Harm.

2. Disease Prevention Function Of Insect Protection Net

The disease prevention effect of the fruit tree insect screen is mainly reflected in effectively inhibiting the invasion of pests, while cutting off the transmission route of the virus, reducing the occurrence and harm of virus-transmitting insects, and the ventilation of the insect screen is good, and it also inhibits some bacteria to a certain extent Sexual and fungal diseases occur. Viral diseases are catastrophic diseases on many fruit trees, mainly spread by insects, especially aphids. Since the insect-proof net cuts off the main way of transmission of the pest, the virus infection is greatly reduced.

3. The Shading And Cooling Effect Of The Insect Net

Excessive sunlight will have negative effects on fruit trees, speed up metabolism, and accelerate decline. After the insect screen is covered, it can block part of the light, so that the crop can get the light needed for photosynthesis. Generally, the shading rate of the white insect net is 15%-20%, and the white insect net has the function of scattering the light when the light passes through, making the light in the net more uniform, and reducing the insufficient light of the lower leaves caused by the blocking of the upper branches and leaves of the fruit tree This phenomenon improves the utilization rate of light. At the same time, covering the insect-proof net can increase the temperature of the ground surface 10cm in the morning and evening, promote the growth of the root system and the absorption of nutrient elements, and reduce the ground temperature at noon, so as to prevent the root temperature from being too high and causing damage.

4. The Anti-disaster Effect Of The Insect Net

Fruit tree insect-proof nets are made of high mechanical strength. Rainstorms or hail fall onto the nets, and then enter the nets after impact. The impulse is buffered, thereby effectively reducing the impact of heavy rains and storms on crops. At the same time, the insect-proof net also has a certain anti-freezing effect.

5. Insect Nets Save Labor And Money

Although the shading effect of the sunshade net in production is good, it is not suitable to cover the whole process due to too much shading. It needs to be covered at noon after the shading is lifted or covered during the day and night, or covered under the sun, and the management is more laborious. Insect nets provide less shading and can cover the whole process. Once used to the end, management will save labor. After the application of the insect protection net, the fruit trees can be completely free of pesticides during the whole growth period, which can control the pesticide pollution and save the labor of pesticide and spraying.

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