High Temperature Insect Net in Summer
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High Temperature Insect Net in Summer

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High Temperature Insect Net in Summer

In order to prevent virus diseases, 60 mesh insect prevention nets are installed at the upper and lower air outlets of the shed, which can completely block the pests such as Bemisia tabaci and other pests outside the shed, avoid the virus and other pathogens outside the shed brought into the shed by the pests carrying virus, and reduce the incidence of vegetables.

This also has a great impact on the ventilation and cooling of the shed. Even if the sunshade is used for cooling, the air flow in the shed is not smooth, the temperature is still high, and the maximum temperature in the shed is still above 35 ℃. So, how should vegetable farmers cool down after installing 60 insect nets?

Open the upper and lower air outlets of the shed to the maximum. Now the straw curtain on the shed has been removed, and the vent on the top of the shed can be opened to the maximum, that is, the vent film can be directly supported to the south edge of the rear slope of the shed, so after the vent is increased, the high temperature air in the shed can be accelerated.

For the air vent on the front of the shed, the vegetable farmer can directly support the film to the film pressing steel wire on the front of the shed. By increasing the air vent, the amount of cold air entering the shed can be added to accelerate the air flow and reduce the shed temperature

Because the current temperature is generally no less than 15 ℃. Therefore, as long as it is in a sunny place, the vegetable farmers can open the upper and lower air outlets of the products day and night, and then close the upper and lower air outlets of the shed when the temperature is low on a cloudy day or when it rains

For the greenhouse with 60 mesh insect control net, the vegetable farmers do not need to set up the wind screen. When vegetable farmers used to set up windbreak films, they were all to prevent the cool wind outside the shed from blowing into the shed, and to prevent the tomato fruits cultivated in the shed from showing chapped skin.

Now, after using the high-density insect screen, the insect screen will block the cold air outside the shed to a certain extent, slow down the speed of cold air entering the shed, make the cold air preheat in the process of entering the shed, the same can avoid cold air chapping the tomato skin.

In the shed equipped with high density insect net, the wind proof film will also affect the air flow in the shed, reducing the ventilation and cooling effect of the shed. Therefore, vegetable farmers should remove the windbreak from the shed.

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