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High Quality Plastic Cable Tie Nylon Cable Tie

Flexible But Durable:Maximum flexibility of the material and resilient lock design ensure the ideal combination of flexibility and durability, thereby making these zip-ties perfectly suited for the widest possible range of uses.
  • SN-CT
  • 1011

plastic clip1

Benefits and Features

A、8years using life 

B、With uv protection 

C、Light weight 

D、easy to installand recycle

Size Specification

plastic clip2plastic clip3plastic clip4plastic clip5

Product Application

These unique clips can be used to attach shade cloth, hail net,bird net etc to structures.

All types of shade applications, on carport, pergola, swimming pool, patio, deck, chickenrun, greenhouse, etc.

plastic clip6

Shade net clips is made of pe with uv protection,using as ccessory for all kinds of nets such as shade net,insect net,bird net and so on.

High Quality Plastic Cable Tie Nylon Cable Tie
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