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Hefei Grand Nets Co., Ltd 10 Years Development History
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Hefei Grand Nets Co., Ltd 10 Years Development History

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2008--Established in Hefei Anhui Province by Jason Tao

Devote ourselves to exporting business of plastic nettings

2010--Set up our own team and become a member of Canton Fair and   foreign exhibitions.


2012--Expanding the company's area, the company's influence is rising straightly!

The top ten largest online enterprise in Anhui---By Alibaba



2014---Our team is expanding, annual sales amount exceeds 5 millions U.S. Dollars


2016--Double expands office area, annual sales amount exceeds 8 millions U.S. Dollars.

The division is more perfect, including the Sales Department, the SEO department, the Human Resources Department, the Operation Department, the Quality Inspection Department, the Documents Department and so on.


2017---Annual sales amount break a new record and interviewed by Alibaba in American as a excellent supplier.


2018---Established new factory, sales target 14 millions U.S. Dollars!


In the past 10 years, we are always here.  We are proud of customer recognition and ashamed of customer complaints. To be proud of the company. To be proud of the initiative. Look forward to our next 10 years, 20 years.......

10 years, our products have not changed, we have not changed. What is changing is our footsteps. We keep climbing hand by hand.

Our motto is fast, be serious and we will never make excuses. If it is possible, we devote our whole life for this business. We devote to be the Top one plastic netting supplier in China. One meter wide, one thousand meters deep. 

Every year, we attend fair of Germany, U.S.A, Chile, Nigeria, Canton Fair. And we are gold supplier on Alibaba and Made-in-China. We are also at the top place of Google.

Join us, Hainan, Bali Island, Europe, Dubai, Chile U.S.A...... Whatever you imagine, that will come true!


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Sugrand is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction plastic nets in China. sugrand has advanced technology and intellectual property. sugrand agricultural plastic nets account for more than 20% of the global market.

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