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Green 30G/M2 square harvest catching net

30GSM triangular mesh fruit olive netting
  • ON-G30

Green 30GSM Square Harvest Catching Net Supplier

Olive Netting is high quality Olive Nets for farmers to collect olives, vegetable or other fruits easily without damage, so more oil and better quality can get from olive harvest.
Olive Nets is widely used in the farm and agricultural area. Grandnets, a biggest China netting supplier, manufactures high quality Olive Netting, treated with UV can ensure long lifeuse.
Harvesting Net is ideal for collecting naturally fallen fruit,such as hazelnuts,chestnuts plums and olive.The sheets or rolls are laid out underneath the trees,where they remain until the harvest has been completed.Also it can be used in sheets that are placed beneath trees during mechanical harvesting.

Product Character:It is a very strong,heaving netting.It is described as"prickle-proof"because the weft reduces the possibility of scratching or catching on brambles and rough ground. 

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Green 30G/M2 square harvest catching net
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