Fiberglass Net for Buildings and Wall
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Fiberglass Net for Buildings and Wall

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Fiberglass Net for Buildings and Wall

Fiberglass net is mainly alkali-resistant fiberglass fabric. Fiberglass Mesh mainly use the C /E-glass fiber yarn (main ingredient is a silicate, good chemical stability) through a special weaving technique, then by the anti-alkali and reinforcing agent etc high temperature heat finishing treatments. Fiberglass Mesh is an ideal engineering material in construction and decoration industry.

The finished fixed warp and weft yarns of Fiberglass Mesh Fabrics have the properties of high strength and high alkali resistance. Widely used as an innovated construction reinforcement material in concrete walls and building insulation systems.

Fiberglass mesh for reinforcement can be supplied in rolls or tailored with razor or knife to stripes for reinforcing the wall plastering as well as for mending the possible cracks or hole in the concrete wall surface. Applied to both exterior and interior structural render reinforcement.

With high strength, durable service and excellent property against acid and alkali, fiberglass net is the alternative to steel mesh for exterior and interior concrete wall rendering. Fiber reinforcement mesh enjoys easy operation, material saving, long life, it is the ideal energy-saving insulation materials.

Fiberglass Mesh Applied in Construction of EIFS System, Mortar Reinforcing and Plastering Wall Reinforcement. Plain woven fiber fabric for external wall and internal wall rendering, particularly around openings or areas of traditional weakness.

Alkali-resistant Latex Coated Fiberglass Netting, A flexible rendering textile fabric used to strengthen external unstable surfaces, as well as cover and help prevent cracking. Made from special woven glass-fibre strands offering incredible strength when embedded into wet basecoat render.

Reasons to Choose Reinforcing Fiberglass Mesh in Buildings:

1. The coated fiber mesh has excellent resistance to acid, alkali and other chemical substances, it has excellent performance in plastering works of long time service;

2. The fiberglass mesh has a latitude and longitude high tensile strength. With using of fiberglass mesh for wall plaster reinforcing, the stress of external concrete wall system can uniformly dispersed.

Construction method of glass fiber mesh in concrete wall building:

Put the stick cotton toward the interior side from the roof to the wall foot, with double-sided adhesive construction fiberglass net cloth fixed on the bottom of the purlins and leaving another 20cm.

Truncate the fiberglass mesh cloth when it is 20cm over the top of wall purlin, and fix it with double-sided adhesive tape.

Close the mesh edge and install color plate.

Keep attentions of the glass fiber mesh cloth tension, alignment and the close seams between rolls.

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