Expert On Farm And Fruit Growth In Cold Weather
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Expert On Farm And Fruit Growth In Cold Weather

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Expert On Farm And Fruit Growth In Cold Weather

Experts say the current low-temperature weather has the greatest impact on watermelon and melon. Because of the positive seedling stage, if not protected and kept warm, it will cause melon seedlings to yellowing, stop growing, and even freeze to death. Solanaceae are now entering a critical flowering stage. Continuous low temperature and low illumination can lead to the fall of flowers and fruits and poor plant growth. Although leafy vegetables are less affected by low temperature, they may still adversely affect yield and vegetable quality.

It is understood that many of the local fruits and vegetables in the growing season are grown in greenhouses. Experts suggest that growers should adopt multi-layer covering measures such as buckle middle shed and small arch shed to increase the temperature in the greenhouse, and use straw curtain, non woven cloth, shading net and other insulation materials to heat preservation of vegetables in the greenhouse at night. At the same time, we should pay attention to plug gaps in the greenhouse.

shade net

Facing the low-light weather, the seedling shed room must increase the light, the day should be as early as possible to uncover grass curtain, non-woven cloth and other covers, but should not be fully uncovered at one time, to prevent sunshine after rain, light too strong, heating too fast caused by water loss caused by serious acute blinking wilt.

For large areas of field vegetables and fruits, experts said that farmers should timely ditch drainage, deepen the field ditches, prevent plant roots from freezing. For melon and fruit crops with slowly frozen seedlings, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus 0.2% urea solution or organic liquid fertilizer such as amino acid and humic acid can be sprayed on the leaves to increase the growth ability of crops and improve the cold resistance.

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