Difference of Shading and Cooling Effect of Construction Safety Net

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Difference of Shading and Cooling Effect of Construction Safety Net

The construction safety net is made of the latest manufacturing materials and is processed with the most advanced technology. During the high temperature period, we should reasonably use the building safety net to promote crop growth and reduce the number of evaporation and irrigation of ground water to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and humidity reduction. 

construction safety net

Different specifications of building safety net cover after the shading cooling effect is different, so we must carefully consider the choice, improper choice, often lead to the failure of the whole shading cooling effect. After covering in summer, it plays a role of keeping out light, rain, moisture and cooling, and after covering in winter and spring, it also plays a role of keeping warm and humidifying. The effect of shading and cooling after coverage with safety net of specifications is also different.

Through the introduction of this article, the effect of shading and cooling of building safety net is different, so you should have some knowledge of this field. 

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