Difference Between Shade Net and Inside and Outside of Greenhouse

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Difference Between Shade Net and Inside and Outside of Greenhouse

For the use of shade net, some are covered outside the shed, and some are placed inside the shed, then the use of different methods will bring about what impact? In other words, what are the differences between shading nets inside and outside the greenhouse?


1. When placed outside the greenhouse, because it directly blocks the sun's light outside the greenhouse, so that the light and heat can not be transmitted to the inside of the greenhouse, so as to shield the light at the same time, also played a certain cooling role, which is more conducive to plants to avoid strong sunlight exposure, thereby reducing the high temperature on vegetables. The effect of growth.

2. When placed inside the greenhouse, the sun's rays can still enter the interior through the greenhouse film, which will also bring in heat, so this method of use will not change the interior temperature, but can block the sun's rays on vegetables, suitable for temperature requirements, but also want to avoid ultraviolet radiation. Shoots of vegetables.

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