Common Sense Of Using Shade Net in Vegetable Greenhouse
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Common Sense Of Using Shade Net in Vegetable Greenhouse

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Common Sense Of Using Shade Net in Vegetable Greenhouse

There are many common knowledge about the performance of shade net in vegetable greenhouse, such as: selecting suitable shading net according to vegetable types, choosing suitable covering period, and paying attention to shading management when using. In addition, in the process of using, we should also pay attention to grasping the spraying skills and delivering medicines in place. These small details listed above will affect the service life of vegetable greenhouse shade net.

(1) Choose suitable shading net for vegetable greenhouse according to vegetable types. Generally, vegetable greenhouse shading net is used for short-term covering of summer and autumn green leafy vegetables. Silver gray shading net is used for summer seedling raising of autumn and winter vegetables, and aphids can be avoided. Solanaceae can be planted with omentum or delayed cultivation.

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(2) Covering period: generally July-August, other time light, intensity suitable for vegetable growth, if there is no heavy rain, do not have to cover.

(3) Shading management: Vegetable greenhouse shading net can not be covered on the shelf for a long time, especially the black shade net. Only in the summer and autumn hot sunshine and sunny noon, can it reach the near saturated light intensity under the net, covering from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. and uncovering the net at 4-5:00 p.m. Three to four days before net uncovering, the time of net covering should be shortened gradually, so that seedlings and plants can gradually adapt to the open environment.

(4) Master the skill of spraying and put it in place: adjust the nozzle when spraying pesticides, and form a thin mist when spraying pesticides from the nozzle to adhere to the stems and leaves of crops. When applying pesticides, we should grasp the speed, neither fast nor slow, so as not to leak and spray again. When applying pesticides, different pesticides and methods of applying pesticides should be selected according to the hazards of pests and diseases and different parts of occurrence, and pesticides should be sent in place.

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