Cautions in The Use of Ground Cover
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Cautions in The Use of Ground Cover

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Cautions in The Use of Ground Cover

1. Material lapping

Because the ground cover has certain width limitation, in order to ensure the continuity of the ground cover in the use process, there should be a certain overlap in the width direction in the laying of the ground cover, and the overlap length should not be less than 10 cm (indoor) or 20 cm (outdoor). Indoor lapping can be placed naturally, while outdoor lapping is better to use some additional fixing measures.

2. Construction of Cushion Laying

In order to make the ground cover permeable, good air permeability, smooth surface and have a certain surface strength effect, the paving base of the ground fabric should be treated. Generally, the lower part of the ground cover should be paved with coarse sand layer of about 10 centimeters. Because of its strong aggregate structure, large porosity and small deformation under external forces, coarse sand is very suitable as the surface cushion of the ground cover. The lower part of coarse sand should be considered


The local soil condition determines the treatment method. Generally speaking, if the soil is firm and permeable, the coarse sand layer can be laid directly on the surface. Otherwise, the gravel layer or pebble layer of 10 to 15 centimeters should be laid on the lower part of the coarse sand to ensure the permeability effect of the grass-roots and the strength of the surface of the cloth, which is conducive to the placing of crops and the walking of workers.

3. Choice of color

Usually, black weed mat can be used indoors or outdoors, while white ground cover is mainly used indoors. When white ground cover is used in greenhouse, besides the general function of ground cover, white ground cover also has the following auxiliary functions:

(1) Strengthen indoor lighting, promote plant photosynthesis, improve crop quality and yield.

(2) Reducing surface heat accumulation is beneficial to reducing air temperature and surface temperature in summer or tropical areas.

(3) Reflecting light can prevent the survival of photoless insects behind crop leaves in greenhouse and reduce crop diseases.

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