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Black Fence Privacy Screen Windscreen UV Blockage Shade Screen Cover Fence Net
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Black Fence Privacy Screen Windscreen UV Blockage Shade Screen Cover Fence Net

Made of 170 gsm high density polyethylene shade fabric, thick and durable, provide up to 90% sunshade and protect against up to 95% UV rays.
  • SU-B-PSN


Product Description

black-Privacy fence net 4

black-Privacy fence net 5

black-Privacy fence net

Privacy Fence Screen is ideal for commercial and residential fences needing a combination of privacy, air flow.

The Privacy Screen is the most economical solution to provide the privacy you need and a clean look for any fence area, construction site, special event, back yard, or fence barrier, and is a perfect complement to landscapes and residential backyards.



•  Resists mold and mildew

•  Visibility Blockage of 70-99%

•  Easy to clean with soap and a garden hose

•  Can be used for both residential and commercial applications

•  Good ventilation of the fabric

•  Knitted button holes (optional)

•  Lowers the temperature underneath it

•  Light Weight and Easy Storage


privacy netting




We Use 100% Pure Virgin HDPE as Raw Material!

How to identify recycled material and virgin material?

            · Smell:   The virgin material fabric is no smell, while you are close to 1 feet away. The recycled material has a very strong scorched smell, while you close to smell.

           · Color:   The virgin material could be made all kinds of bright and fresh color, specially the crystal. but the recycled material could just make the black and dark color.

           · Surface: The surface of virgin material is smooth and glossy but the recycled is dark, lackluster and rough,impure.

           · Durable: The weathering resistance of the recycled material is very poor, and it will be damaged in the hot sun for less than 6-12 month. The virgin material has a good performance in sunshine. It could use at least 3-5 years.



Made from new hdpe,and UV treated,so it can be maintenance-free.

Be used in many ways around your home.

Provide dust control while doing construction.

Protect vehicles that are housed outdoors from the elements or hide unsightly areas in your yard.

Extremely flexible, be used with any type of fencing from chain link to vinyl and more

Cut to your custom size.


How To Install:

·  With the help of unique plastic clips, the netting can be easily collected and tied for better ventilation.

·  We supply the whole series scaffold netting accessary from clips to ties

Privacy-Netting-Green 1


About Us

Sugrand is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction plastic nets in China. sugrand has advanced technology and intellectual property. sugrand agricultural plastic nets account for more than 20% of the global market.

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