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Bird Net—Friendly Agricultural Net for Increasing Production
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Bird Net—Friendly Agricultural Net for Increasing Production

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Bird Net—Friendly Agricultural Net for Increasing Production

Bird net mulching cultivation is a new environmental-friendly agricultural technology for increasing production and practicality. It can build artificial barrier on the shelf, keep birds out of the net, cut off the reproductive pathway of birds, effectively control the spread of various birds and prevent the spread of viral diseases. It also has the functions of light-casting and moderate shading of bird-proof net, creating favorable conditions for crop growth, and ensuring that it is suitable for crop growth. The application of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields has been greatly reduced, the quality and hygiene of the crops produced have been improved, and strong technical guarantee has been provided for the development and production of pollution-free green agricultural products.

green bird net

Anti bird net also have the ability to withstand natural disasters such as storm erosion and hail attack. Bird-proof nets are widely used for isolating pollen introduction in vegetable, rape and other original seed production. Potatoes, flowers and other cultured virus-free shelters and pollution-free vegetables can also be used for preventing birds and diseases in tobacco seedling. At present, they are the preferred products for physical control of various crop and vegetable pests. Really let the vast number of consumers eat "rest assured dishes" and make contributions to China's food basket project.

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