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Benefits of Wide Use Ground Cover
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Benefits of Wide Use Ground Cover

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Benefits of Wide Use Ground Cover

The ground cloth has been widely used in vegetation support, so what are the functions of the ground cloth? How to guard against problems?

1. The primary function of the weed control mat is to maintain the plant seeds sprayed together, to avoid the rain washing away, and then to ensure the protection function of the slope, in order to stabilize the construction slope and avoid the rain washing.

2. Once the plant recovers, the function of land distribution to stabilize the slope will not exist, and the plant can stabilize the slope with its flourishing root system. Together, with the aging and degradation of grape bird net, it is more conducive to the combination of plants on the slope, and can achieve better biological (plant) protection.

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Rapid protection measures

1. When the construction period is opposite to the vegetation supporting period, when the project is just completed and enters the rainstorm season, "reinforced turf" shall be adopted for rapid protection of the project, so that the vegetation against erosion can be completely covered after completion. The "reinforced turf" adopts three-dimensional vegetation network to support the turf in advance on the lawn plantation or the open space adjacent to the construction site. After the turf is formed, it can be rolled up in whole or in blocks, and then laid on the slope to be protected.

2. In the arid areas that are difficult to manage, soil coagulant can be used to mix and spray the selected and suitable grass seeds with soil coagulant after special treatment (or sow grass seeds first, then apply soil coagulant). After the treatment of soil coagulant, grass seeds and soil will not be lost due to wind and rain. The coagulant reduces the transpiration of water in the soil, ensures the water supply of grass seeds to a certain extent, and greatly improves the survival rate of grass seeds.

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