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Benefits of Using Anti Insect Net
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Benefits of Using Anti Insect Net

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Insect net is a physical method of prevention and control, that is, by constructing artificial barriers, insect pests are "excluded from the door". Leaf vegetables grown in summer with insect-proof nets can basically avoid spraying insecticides during their growth period; pest-proof nets can effectively prevent pests from spreading virus to peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins and other vegetables.

In order to resist pests eating vegetables and fruits, and to eat safe and non-toxic food, some people choose to use anti insect net. Insect control nets are artificial barriers to keep pests out of the nets, so as to achieve the goal of pest control and disease prevention. The insect-proof net also has the function of reflection and refraction.

Benefits of anti insect net:

1. Covering with insect-proof net can realize the vegetable production without or with less medication, thus saving medicine, labor and cost, and the vegetable cultivated has good quality, good yield-increasing effect and economic benefits.

greenhouse insect net

2. It has greatly improved the ability of pest control and disaster resistance of vegetables in summer and autumn, and solved the problem of vegetable shortage that has plagued leaders, vegetable farmers and citizens at all levels for a long time. Its social effect is self-evident and has social benefits.

3. In recent years, due to the frequent use of pesticides, the pollution of soil, water and vegetables has been caused. Insect-proof nets make up for this problem. Insect-proof mulching cultivation can achieve the purpose of insect control through physical control, which has ecological benefits.

In addition, greenhouse insect net can also cut off the way that pests transmit viral diseases, greatly reducing the infection rate of vegetable viral diseases.

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