Application of Ground Cover in the Outdoors
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Application of Ground Cover in the Outdoors

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Application of Ground Cover in the Outdoors

As a kind of material to restrain weeds and keep the ground tidy, floor cloth has been widely used in outdoor potted flowers, nurseries, large-scale courtyard landscaping, grape planting and other fields. It has become a part of a high standard cultivation mode in the United States and Europe. After using ground cover, a lot of construction cost and construction time can be saved, and the basic treatment method combined with floor cloth can not only maintain the stability of soil and water on the ground, but also more conveniently solve the problems of drainage and weed suppression.

Ground cloth can also be used to protect the roots of trees. The use of ground cloth near the roots of trees can effectively reduce the growth of root weeds, thereby reducing the loss of nutrients and water in the root zone. The site of this kind of use is block or strip, and different marking lines are set on the surface, such as "cross", "T", "I" and so on as planting incision. These cutouts should be treated by heat treatment after tree planting, so as to ensure the integrity and function of the cloth.

When trees are transplanted, the roots of trees can be wrapped up with a cloth to reduce the growth of weeds, prevent the ineffective growth of roots, and ensure the air permeability and water permeability of roots. At the same time, the cloth can also protect the roots of trees from external damage during transportation and temporary storage.

Points for attention

1. Lap up of materials

Because the ground cover has a certain width limit, so in order to ensure the continuity of the use of the ground cloth, in the laying of the ground cloth in the width direction to have a certain overlap, overlap length should not be less than 10 cm (indoor) or 20 cm (outdoor). Indoor lapping can be placed naturally, while outdoor lapping should adopt some additional fixed measures.

2. Laying cushion

In order to make the ground cloth permeable, air permeable, smooth and have a certain surface strength, the ground cloth laying base should be treated. In general, the bottom of the ground cloth should be laid about 10 centimeters of coarse sand layer, because coarse sand has a strong aggregate structure, large pores, small deformation under the action of external forces and other characteristics, is very suitable for the surface of the ground cloth cushion. The bottom of coarse sand should be considered.

ground cover

Local soil conditions determine the way of handling. In general, if the soil is relatively strong and permeable, it can be directly laid on the surface of coarse sand layer, otherwise it should be laid at the bottom of coarse sand layer of gravel or pebble 10 to 15 centimeters to ensure the permeability of the grass-roots and the strength of the surface of the distribution, conducive to the placement of crops and workers walking.

3. Color selection

Usually, black ground cover can be used indoors or outdoors, and white cloth is mainly used indoors. When the white floor cloth is selected in the greenhouse, in addition to the general functions of the floor cloth, the white floor cloth also has the following auxiliary functions:

(1) strengthen indoor lighting to promote photosynthesis of plants, so as to improve the quality and yield of crops.

(2) Reducing heat accumulation on the ground is conducive to reducing air temperature and surface temperature in summer or tropical areas.

(3) Reflecting light can prevent the survival of photophobic insects in the greenhouse and reduce crop diseases.

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