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Application Technology of Bird Net For Fruit Trees
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Application Technology of Bird Net For Fruit Trees

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Application Technology of Bird Net For Fruit Trees

At present, more than 98% of orchards have suffered bird damage, and the annual economic loss caused by bird damage is as high as 700RMB million. Through years of research, scientists have found that birds are sensitive to color, especially blue, orange and yellow. Therefore, on the basis of this research, researchers have invented a silk screen made of polyethylene as the basic material, covering all the orchards for apples, grapes, pears, cherries and other fruits, and achieved good results.

1. Color selection

It is generally recommended that yellow anti bird net be used in mountainous areas and blue and orange bird-proof nets in plains. The above tones of birds dare not approach, which can prevent birds from pecking fruits and prevent birds from hitting the net. The bird-proof effect is obvious. It is suggested that transparent wire mesh should not be used in production. This kind of net has no driving effect and birds are easy to hit the net.

2. Selection of mesh and network leader

Depending on the size of the local birds, such as sparrows and other small individual birds, can choose 3 cm mesh bird net; such as magpies, turtledoves and other larger individual birds, can choose 4.5 cm mesh bird net. Bird-proof nets are usually 0.25 mm in diameter. The net length is purchased according to the actual size of the orchard. The net product on the market is about 100-150 meters long and 25 meters wide, so as to cover the orchard as a whole.

3. Selection of stent height and density

When installing bird-proof net for fruit trees, first of all, we should lay brackets. The brackets can be purchased as finished brackets or welded with galvanized pipes and triangular iron. The buried parts should be welded with crosses to resist lodging. The top of each bracket is welded with iron rings, and each bracket is connected through iron wires. The bracket should be firm and durable after laying, and the height should be 1.5 meters higher than that of fruit trees, so as to facilitate ventilation and light transmission. The density of the stent is generally 5 meters in length and 5 meters in width. The denser the scaffold density, the better the effect, but the higher the cost, depending on the plant spacing and orchard size. Bird-proof nets with corresponding widths can be purchased according to their widths to save materials.


4. Skynet and Side Net Erection

Fruit tree bird net should be erected three-dimensional. The net on the top of the tree crown is called skynet. Skynet is put on the wire pulled at the top of the support. Pay attention to the close junction and leave no space. The outer net of tree crown is called side net. The junction of side net should be close and the length should reach the ground without leaving any space. Sky net and side net are closely connected to prevent birds from getting into the orchard.

5. Determination of installation time

Fruit tree bird-proof net is only used to prevent birds from harming fruit. It is usually installed on fruit tree bird-proof net 7-10 days before fruit ripening when birds begin to peck. Fruit can be taken down and preserved after full harvest to prevent exposure and aging in the field and affect service life.

6. Maintenance and Preservation of Bird Control Nets for Fruit Trees

Inspect the fruit tree bird net at any time after installation, and repair it in time if it is found to be damaged. After harvesting, take the bird trap net off the fruit tree carefully, wrap it up and store it in a cool and dry place, and reuse it when the fruit is ripe next year. It can generally be used for 3 to 5 years.

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