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Anti-bird Net

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bird net

Anti-bird net is a humane and environmentally friendly net. It can be used to protect all types of objects, places and structures, such as trees, berries, shrubs, plants, flowers and vegetables. We offer three different nets. The diamond net is one of the most economical net, which can protect your fruit to prevent the birds from eating it, but it will not harm the birds. The square net is a light but strong net, it can even prevent small animals from stealing and damaging your fruit. The knitted netting is the strongest, diamond-shaped mesh, if installed correctly, it can provide 100% protection for your fruit.

Diamond net

bird net


The most economical way to release birds.

Will not block air or light.

Protect your fruits and doesn't cause self-damage.

The shape is changeable and very flexible.

It will not corrode and rust like iron nets.


Size: 2*10m, 4*6m, 4*12m, 4*100m, etc
Color: green
Weight: 11gsm

Square net

bird net


The weight is lighter, but the strength is good.

Aging resistance, sun and rain.

Will not corrode and rust like iron nets.

Recycling and rewinding are very simple and easy to use next time.

Easy to cut, durable and anti-aging.


Size: 1*20m, 1*50m, 2*20m, 2*50m, 2*100m
Color: black
Weight: 30gsm

Knitted net

bird net


The weaving process makes it very strong

Overweight, more economical

It is a harmless way to protect fruits

And can be stretched into different shapes according to requirements


Size: 2.5*2.5m, 4*4m, 5*5m, 4*10m, 5*10m, 10*50m, 10*100m
Color: black, white, green
Weight: 14/15/20/45gsm

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