Anti-Mole Netting
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Anti-Mole Netting

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Anti-Mole Netting

Anti-mole netting is a durable and reliable solution designed to protect lawns from moles. It works by preventing moles from using it for their nests. When a mole hits the net when it burrows up, it leaves the garden permanently and your lawn remains undamaged! Knight offers an economical way to humanely get rid of moles without the need for extermination or the use of expensive pest control. You will be able to enjoy your beautiful garden.


  • Lightweight, economical, but sturdy.

  • High quality and durable.

  • Chemical and weather resistant.

  • Flexible and easy to use.

  • Safe, humane and efficient.


Polypropylene mole netting prevents moles from entering the soil and damaging crops. Prevents the creation of mole mounds in your private areas.

Mole nets are light, yet at the same time strong like metal nets to resist chemicals and weather. They undergo a specific stretching process in both directions, giving these nets excellent tensile strength, so they can withstand maximum pressure. Improve your lawn's root system.

Unlike metal mesh, polypropylene mesh rolls are very light and easy to transport and install.

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