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Anti Bird Net Can Protect The Fruit Orchard
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Anti Bird Net Can Protect The Fruit Orchard

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Anti Bird Net Can Protect The Fruit Orchard

Every autumn, fruit farmers have to do a good job of bird prevention, if the fruit is pecked by birds can not be sold, which will affect the sale of fruit, but if the fruit pesticides, although effectively solve the problem of fruit pecked by insects and birds, but this will lead to the increase of pesticide residues in the fruit, will also be Affecting sales, some fruit growers began to use bird nets to prevent fruit from being pecked by birds. 

Bird nets were made of thin ropes that were almost transparent from a distance. If a large number of birds hit the bird net during their migration, they would die and die.


The emergence of anti bird net has solved this contradiction very well. The use of bird netting to surround orchard fruit trees can be a good protection against birds pecking fruit, especially grapes, cherries and other high cost-effective fruit, must do a good job in bird prevention, otherwise it is very likely that no harvest grapes, when used can be grape shelves. 

Direct use of all bird net, the proposal is to use a strong anti-bird net, a bit better firmness, service life is generally more than three years. In addition, the gap between the bird protection net is very small, usually used as a bird screen are white and green, can be seen in the distance, even if the bird hit will not be entangled, both to protect the fruit and do not harm to the birds, so that people live in harmony with nature.

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