Analysis of Tensile Resistance of Shading Net
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Analysis of Tensile Resistance of Shading Net

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Analysis of Tensile Resistance of Shading Net

I believe that many people have this experience, many plastic net or nylon products in the outdoor place for a long time, will become very "fragile", and the shade net manufacturers provide you with a special "sunshade rain" shade net is relatively strong characteristics.


The material of shade net mainly uses polyethylene plastic as raw material, which has excellent corrosion resistance, and in use, super-good electrical insulation performance can ensure the safety of people's daily production and life to a certain extent. Moreover, the material can be reinforced with glass fibers, and the melting point of low-pressure polyethylene has high rigidity, hardness and strength.

In real life, the use of sunshade net can play a rainproof effect, or because of its smaller water absorption performance. In addition, we need to understand that the flexibility, elongation, impact strength and permeability of high-pressure polyethylene are relatively good. UHMWPE has high impact strength and can be fatigue-resistant and wear-resistant to a large extent.

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