Analysis of Construction Safety Net Usage Specification

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Analysis of Construction Safety Net Usage Specification

With the rapid development of the technology industry, the construction industry has also made great progress. In life, we can often see the phenomenon of high-altitude operations, these are the needs of the construction industry involved in the field, in order to fully protect the safety of construction personnel, manufacturers developed a building safety net this product. At present, many construction sites have begun to use the construction network, which is undoubtedly the safety optimization of the construction industry, but also the development opportunity of the network industry. Now let's take a look at the specifications for building safety nets.

First of all, in order to fully protect the personal safety of construction personnel, in the high-altitude operation, the builder must establish a construction safety net for the construction. This is not only a guarantee for employees, but also a guarantee for the effectiveness of construction. When the height of a building exceeds 4 m, a safety net must be set up gradually with the wall, and then a fixed safety net must be set up every 4 M. Safety nets must be installed on external shelves, bridge shelves, upper and lower holes. The installation of safety net should be low and high, and the difference between the expense part is about 5Ocm.

construction safety net

Secondly, in the establishment of building safety net, in order to ensure the use of efficiency, the manufacturer must strictly check whether the internal support rod is damaged, if there is a bending situation, should be removed as soon as possible, to replace the building net. The gap between the inner edge of the net and the wall should be less than 15cm, and the distance between the bottom of the net and the surface of the object below is greater than 3m. The diameter of the small end of the wooden pole shall not be less than 7 cm, the diameter of the small end of the bamboo pole shall not be less than 8 cm, and the spacing of the poles shall not be greater than 4 M. These requirements must be met, otherwise the security will be insecure.

To sum up, the safety net plays a very important role in the construction, I believe that in today's technical reference, the construction net will also provide security for the use of more aspects.

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