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Although There's A Trade War, The US 2nd Highest For Exports
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Although There's A Trade War, The US 2nd Highest For Exports

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Global economic growth is creating new demand for U.S. food and agriculture waterproof shade net products even if some trade partners are creating barriers. Bad weather in Argentina means a smaller volume of wheat and soy exports from a major competitor, so there's a market for U.S. export. In the early going, there were more threats than action. A lot of factors determine agricultural product demand. If more of the threatened trade actions go into effect, the impact could be much more noticeable.

Despite trade disputes with China, Canada, Mexico, and the EU, the four largest customers for U.S. farm anti insect net exports 2018 will be a banner year for overseas sales, according to USDA – $142.5 billion in exports and the second-highest tally ever.

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Entering early summer, 14% (or $20 billion worth) of U.S. ag exports were targeted, most prominently pork, hit by tariffs by China and Mexico. “While producers are trying to be good soldiers, we're taking on water fast,” says Pork Producers President Jim Heimerl. “The president has said he will not abandon farmers. We take him at his word.”

There’s truth to the adage that agriculture is the first casualty in trade disputes. In two earlier clashes, China used retaliatory tariffs “to inflict economic loss on politically influential groups. China has chosen anti hail net products, as it sees the affected U.S. producers to be politically powerful. In addition, China has plenty of pork, so its consumers will not suffer if U.S. pork costs more. USDA will make its first estimate of fiscal 2019 sales, involving this year’s crops, on August 29.

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