Afraid Of Being Exposed To The Sun In The Courtyard?
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Afraid Of Being Exposed To The Sun In The Courtyard?

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With the increasing popularity of sunshade sails, the awnings and parasols that were previously widely used have gradually been replaced. Different from the tradition and cumbersomeness of parasols and awnings, sunshade sails show a modern and simple temperament, which is a famous futuristic and architectural form.

The sunshade sail is made of polyethylene (HDPE), treated with ultraviolet stabilizer and anti-oxidation, and has the characteristics of strong tensile strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, and lightness. If it is coated on the ordinary sunshade sail , Can be effectively waterproof. The sunshade sail is recyclable and can effectively block 90%-95% of ultraviolet rays. Taking into account personal preference, shade sails are also available in a variety of colors. Bright red, bright yellow, deep blue, tender purple, or if you don't like such a single color, you can also choose some mixed colors, or use it with shade sails of different colors.

Of course, shading sails for households or scenic spots need to consider the shading area. According to the size of the shading area required, different models and sizes of shading sails can be selected. Generally speaking, the common models are mainly triangular shade sails and rectangle shade sails. The specific size depends mainly on the size of the overall space. The small space does not match the large-sized shade sail, and the large space does not necessarily match the small-sized shade sail. Take the triangular shade sail as an example. In the backyard where trees and vegetation are planted, use the triangular shade sail to create a shade to cool yourself and the plants that do not like to be exposed to the sun in the hot summer. The integration of vegetation makes it possible to get close to nature without having to endure the scorching sun. In your free time, you can enjoy a lot of books in this small courtyard, or meet up with two or three friends, drink and talk, and enjoy your body and mind. Small spinnaker sails are also excellent for use on the edge of the pool. While enjoying the coolness of the swimming pool, there is no need to worry about UV damage, not to mention how comfortable it is!

Wind and sun, rain and snow accumulation are great tests for shade sails. A good shade sail naturally does not have to worry about quality problems and will provide a long enough warranty.

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