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90gsm white/red grass mat for plants

High quality weed mat online sale from China
  • GC-WR90

90GSM White/Red Grass Mat for Plants Supplier

It takes advantages of the plastic nets none pervious to light which leads to the weed cannot contract of sunshine and windy and eventually disappears in th world.


Against the insect.


Controlling soil humidity and temperature.


Professional-grade, woven polypropylene mulch prevents weed growth

Allows air, water and nutrients to pass through to plant roots

Durable; you can walk on it, drag containers over it, even run a wheelbarrow over it without worry

Weeding between garden rows is tiresome work, and most mulches barely last a season, especially if you walk on them. Now you can solve the problem the efficient, lasting way that professional nurseries do!


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90gsm white/red grass mat for plants
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