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70G/80G PP Extrude Garden Anti Mole Or Deer Contrrol Fence Mesh Net
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70G/80G PP Extrude Garden Anti Mole Or Deer Contrrol Fence Mesh Net

Anti mole netting is the long-lasting and reliable solution designed specifically to protect the lawn against moles.
  • SU-BMN


70G PP Extrude Garden Anti Mole Or Deer Contrrol Fence Mesh Net

anti mole net1

The mole net is the most effective solution to the problem with emerging molehills. Extremely effectively protects the lawn, preventing moles from reaching the surface. The dense mesh, the mesh additionally strengthens and stabilizes the soil on the slopes and protects the plant roots against damage.The net will perfectly protect the well-manicured lawn, flower beds or vegetable garden against moles and voles around the house or on the plot.

anti mole net6

anti mole net3anti mole net4

Tough deer fence barrier netting is made from durable polypropylene(PP), lightweight yet heavy duty, It won’t tear easily, rust or rot like metal or wood, doesn't tangle and reusable for longer protection; Can also used as bird netting, chicken netting, rabbit fence, pond & pool netting

Easy to use roll of anti bird deer protection netting, simply attach to stakes or posts(not included); Or you can cut it to any size you need with scissors to put it up around your vegetable garden or individual shrubs

anti mole net6

 Wind and dust controlling,beautify the construction site.

anti mole net7

 Enclosure systems to protect people around.

anti mole net8

  Falling objects protection,protect the workers.

anti mole net9

anti mole net10

anti mole net11

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Sugrand is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction plastic nets in China. sugrand has advanced technology and intellectual property. sugrand agricultural plastic nets account for more than 20% of the global market.

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