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160g Coated Fiberglass Mesh Net For Construction
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160g Coated Fiberglass Mesh Net For Construction

Fiberglass net is mainly alkali-resistant fiberglass fabric. Fiberglass Mesh mainly use the C /E-glass fiber yarn (main ingredient is a silicate, good chemical stability) through a special weaving technique, then by the anti-alkali and reinforcing agent etc high temperature heat finishing treatments. Fiberglass Mesh is an ideal engineering material in construction and decoration industry.
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Product Description

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Fiberglass mesh has tensile strength, small elongation (3%), high elasticity and rigidity, large shock resistance, good chemical resistance, small water absorbent, the scale stability, heat resistance are good, low cost, not easy burn and forming glassy beads at high temperature.

Benefits and Features

fiberglass net3

Easy to install, by embedding in to wet base coat render especially for large surface areas

fiberglass net4

Durable and Reliable : Resistant to chemical agents: glass mesh free from corrosion and unaffected by alkali

fiberglass net5

Adaptable to uneven surfaces

fiberglass net6

Easy and safe to use – only simple tools (scissors, utility knife) needed to work with our fibreglass mesh


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Detailed Images

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Product Application

fiberglass net9

Fiberglass mesh is used for wall reinforcement.

fiberglass net10

Fiberglass mesh is ideal material for out-side wall heat insulation.

fiberglass net11

Fiberglass mesh can be applied to bitumen as roof waterproof material, so as to strengthen the tensile strength and life time of bitumen.

fiberglass net12

For Reinforcement of marble, mosaic and stone, plaster.

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Sugrand is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction plastic nets in China. sugrand has advanced technology and intellectual property. sugrand agricultural plastic nets account for more than 20% of the global market.

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