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110gsm Hdpe Plastic Mesh Resistant Greenhouse Insect Net

Transparent 100gsm anti insect net for agriculture
  • IN-T110

110GSM HDPE Plastic Mesh Resistant Greenhouse Insect Net

Polyethylene, UV protected 3% (up to 5 years against UV breakdown)
Available in rolls of 4 meter x 50 meters, and 4 meters x 100 meters
125 grams per square meter
50 x 25 filaments per square inch
Mesh size .29mm x .8mm
20% shade factor
Color - Semi transparent white
Anti-insect/thrips netting is strong and durable with a long life expectancy…not throw away netting… tighter, stronger weave and longer lasting than comparable products.
The fine screening mesh can be used in many other industrial applications. Such as office building, house, garden, orchard,greenhouse and pasture.

Our thrips netting is made from high-density UV-protected polyethylene for many years of service. This product provides crop protection against thrips and all insects.
It also provides protection from hail, wind and birds. Thrips netting significantly reduces or eliminates, the use of chemical pesticides and is great for organic growing.

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110gsm Hdpe Plastic Mesh Resistant Greenhouse Insect Net
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